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This new course is a comprehensive American English + Culture Master Class that will help you acquire most must-know social norms, vocabulary, and their usage. This is the course(survival guide) I’ve always wanted to learn when I first landed in America and now I’ve prepared for you! Get a taste of this NOW!

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About Me

Hi guys! My name is Maggie and I’m a YouTuber, self-claimed comedian, and a language enthusiast. I believe that spoken English SHOULDN’T JUST be memorized and repeated, but it SHOULD be learned with contexts, emotions, body languages, and most importantly, your experiences. I always try my best to create lessons that I would want to watch and that I know would really help you in real-life situations. You will find yourself RE-FALL-IN-LOVE with learning English and discover the English-speaking you! It’s not that hard; you just have to do it the right way, WITH ME!

Come with me on this journey to learn practical English; I promise you’ll HAVE FUN!

Courses & E-books

The American English + Culture Master Class 美式英语和文化实际运用课

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$139.00 $99.00
$139.00 $99.00

Start With The ABCs 发音课

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$79.00 $50.00
$79.00 $50.00


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$79.00 $63.00
$79.00 $63.00

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Course & E-books:

Each course is developed for tackling and mastering spoken English whether it be pronunciation, grammar, or culture etc. Once you get started, you’ll find that it’s not that hard to speak good English, you just have to do it the right way!

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One-on-one Coaching

Everyone has different struggles and difficulties when it comes to spoken English. Let’s cut to the chase and design a custom course plan just for you! I will work closely with you to bring your English to the next level.

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Find TV Shows, Movies, and books I recommend for learning English; Tools and websites that can help with your English; Money saving apps that I love; English learning tips and tricks, and more free stuff that will make your life easier here!

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